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The session was relaxing and informative

I brought both of my boys to see Natalie when they were laid low by a wicked stomach virus. Both of them were pale, weak, and feverish as well as vomiting everything they took in, including small sips of water. The change in their health was immediate and dramatic. Within minutes of receiving very child friendly treatments, they were both looking and feeling better. Their fevers were reduced immediately and neither of them vomited following the treatment. Within hours of our visit they were both running around, feeling great and even eating small amounts of food. Most importantly, Natalie was gentle, kind and obviously very comfortable treating them.

I also received acupuncture and found her to be much more gentle than any other acupuncturist I’ve ever seen. The session was relaxing and informative. I definitely plan to use her as our primary source of care from now on, as I can’t imagine having better results and the type of whole body healing that acupuncture offers, with traditional medicine. I still can’t believe the transition in our boys and I’m excited to see how acupuncture can help me with both chronic and acute issues I’m currently facing. I plan to annoy everyone I know with constant recommendations to call Natalie, I am a true believer.

-Kate A.

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