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Post Partum

It’s important to recover properly after childbirth. Acupuncture can help you heal and regain your strength and vitality, rebalance your energy, boost your body’s defenses, and help address concerns such as pain, fatigue, and postpartum depression.

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Is acupuncture safe for children?

Yes! In some instances children actually respond more quickly than adults. If your child has an aversion to the needles, I may massage the acupuncture points. This is called acupressure or Tui Na. I also use child friendly Japanese technique called Tsumo-Shin. I have 2 teenagers I have been treating since birth! I treat newborns on up. Children find relief from:

  • coughs
  • colds
  • congestion
  • digestion issues
  • respiratory issues
  • diarrhea/constipation
  • skin rashes/eczema
  • earaches
  • colic
  • vomiting
  • thrush
  • sports injuries

Children respond really well to acupuncture and herbs and therefore results are usually seen pretty quickly.

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