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Natalie Allard, Dipl. Ac., L.Ac.

Natalie was recommended to me by my midwives and to this day I am grateful

When I was approaching my due date with my second baby, following an induction with my first, I was looking into alternative ways for creating balance in my body that would lead to a successful, natural entry into labor. Natalie was recommended to me by my midwives and to this day I am grateful. Natalie was kind, compassionate and skilled. Her gentle nature and experience without a doubt lent itself to a state of mind and body that worked with not just me, but my baby as well. Just a few days later I was in labor; the gift that I had been hoping for throughout my pregnancy. Now that I am an apprenticing midwife (with the same midwifery practice that first recommended Natalie), I still hear positive recommendations for her and her practice-and give them myself! One would be blessed to have Natalie as an ally in creating, improving and maintaining health and wellness.

-Jenn M.

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