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Natalie is amazing at what she does and an incredible human being

I echo what others have said, Natalie is amazing at what she does and an incredible human being. I had been having back issues for a while and funny enough I met her when she popped into my chiropractors office (they are amazing BTW also). I tried the modern day acupuncture and liked it and knew the benefits, but I felt it was acupuncture lite.

So I decided to try Natalie as it seemed she was passionate about helping people and her craft. I can honestly say I am changed person physically and mentally after starting with her last year. No more waking up in pain, it’s completely gone, so much so that I cancelled my package with my chiropractor and maybe go once a month just for “maintenance” not because I have pain anymore. I also didn’t realize the “accu high” feeling you get from a session. So not only does it mitigate pain but it also help clear your mind, relax you, and a host of other amazing benefits.

I can truly see why Natalie gets 5 stars as she does wonders with those needles and I cannot recommend Ageless Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine enough.

-Jim A.

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