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Ageless Acupuncture has made it the most wonderful experience

In 2021, after a failed round of IVF, I gave acupuncture a try. There are so many benefits and the positive impacts for fertility was a huge plus for me. I gave it a try for my second round of IVF and had much success.

Flash forward to 2024 I moved to Mt Pleasant and found Natalie at Ageless Acupuncture. It was by far my BEST experience. Located inside of a spa salon, the ambiance was calm and serene, just like Natalie! Also the room is so cozy and you melt into the soft and plush heated bed. She is extremely thorough and asks all the questions about your overall health and mental wellbeing. I originally went to see Natalie to start up fertility treatments again.

After 1.5 or so months of acupuncture, I noticed a huge change in my hormones – I was ovulating and having normal periods. You could see the positive change in my Mira fertility tracker. Not only could I feel the difference but I could see that I was much more fertile since starting acupuncture. At just under 3 months, I became pregnant naturally! Something I never thought I’d experience.

I truly believe in the benefits of acupuncture and Ageless Acupuncture has made it the most wonderful experience. I feel so calm and centered every time I leave and look forward to it every week. Thank you, Natalie!! Please go see her – not only for fertility, but for anything that causes you discomfort – emotionally & physically.


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